September 28, 2012

Top 10 Good things about turning 40

In case you or someone you know has turned 40 lately - here is a Top 10 for you:
happy 40th birthday

Top 10 Good things about turning 40

10-Don't have to write 3's as much.

9-You are old enough that the bad stuff you did when you were younger can't be found on the internet.

8-Can tell stories about how much they used to pay for a cup of coffee and how far it was for them to walk to school.

7-Automatically seen as wiser than a 39 year old.

6-Can wear Red hats and purple sweaters.
Red hat purple dress 40th birthday

5-Can take pleasure in the fact you haven't contracted the furniture disease (where your chest drops into your drawers). 

4-Only 219,000 more hours until retirement! (at age 65).

3-Officially allowed to call people under 30 " young whippersnappers"

2.Can use 'failing eyesight' excuse to get new bigger monitor from Tech Support.

1-Life can begin.

Happy Friday everyone! Especially if you are turning 40!  

PS Extra 40th Birthday ideas for a movie buffs 

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